Why MJ Films?

12Strong, Experience-Based Crews
With over 20 years of experience, our crews have worked with us on hundreds of projects. We can communicate in "short-hand" with them, saving you valuable time.

Outstanding Vendor Relationships
Every shoot requires a team. The long-standing rapport with vendors and talent means your shoot goes smoothly and efficiently.

Exceptional Film Logistics Management
Choosing a location, navigating the permit process can make or break (increasing your budget) your shoot.


Let us sweat the details and offer you locations that you never even thought of. Plus we are proud to have won the COLA Award for Location Management.

Accurate Budgeting, Minimum Contingencies
Our budget process focuses on maximizing your dollars on screen and minimizing contingencies. We operate with low overhead and pass the savings on to you.

Demanding Projects
We are attentive, quick, and resourceful offering your agency years of experience with demanding projects, talent and third party clients. You will be working with the owners of MJ Films, allowing for quick decision making with the utmost integrity.